OBS Tutorial Series Scenes & Sources


Hello everybody and welcome to my OBS tutorial series in this video we’re going to go over how to build a scene and all the sources that go into it I’m going to go over each one and make sure you know what they are before I do that let’s talk about the UI just a little bit so the source is all the elements in your broadcasts go right here in this list they are your text your game your images media whatever it is that you’re displaying on the left of that is the whole scene in this case I renamed it to be main you can rename or make as many as you want whatever scene you have currently selected is what will display on-screen and you can swap back and forth on tvmelayu

The fly that list could be as long as you would like it to be I have quite a few scenes on some of my broadcasts you want to try and keep this organized a little bit so dividing up your scenes is good idea let’s talk about the preview scaling before we do anything else so this whole thing is modular you can drag and drop the interface and it will just scale automatically every piece of this element right here they actually added this just recently to being able to scale these things but this up here the main window it will automatically scale to the maximum that it can basically and you can right click on it to get a couple options for preview you can get it to canvas size

If you want in my case it’s always 720 if I do that you can also full-screen projector if you have extra monitors you might want to do this currently still black because I have nothing on it obviously but I would be more interesting if I did let’s go ahead and add some elements so I’m going to start with the most complicated one the browser source in my opinion this is a plug-in that I think is an optional plug-in when you download I think you should get this one it’s very powerful I’m going to call this OBS because it’s going to be default to OBS project comm

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