The Ultimate YouTube Live Streaming


If you set up an event it’s already completed you can reuse a previous event as a new event this is an amazing feature you click this button and it will copy all of your settings from your previous events that you set up on youtube as a new one and save you a ton of time and effort and obviously time is money when it comes to live-streaming so it’s gonna take a bit to redo all those settings but BAM here it is all these menus are virtually exactly the same as stream now with the exception of this right here you will schedule a time for your live stream to go live so go ahead and select a future date in a future time be sure to select the right time zone okay we’ll get confused about your time zone Tv3 Malaysia

If you do not and then go ahead and hit save all of the features are exactly the same here as they are with streamed now there’s no difference but wait there’s more click the ingestion settings tab this is the big difference between youtube’s events and youtube stream now all right so what you’re gonna do here this is where you plug in your thumbnail in youtube events is right here right so definitely do the custom thumbnail and down here you can do a reusable stream key where you can create new configurations for your stream this is a bit more advanced in youtube events than it is in youtube stream now so you create a new stream you can name it 1080p you know 60fps just depending on whatever you’re doing you select your bitrate you can go up to 4k here right and you can enable 60fps

And you can describe what is different about this live stream versus not you go ahead and save your settings and it will give you a stream key down here at the bottom that you can use for your live streams moving forward I’m not gonna go down there because you’ll see my stream key but it is the same as any other stream key trust me now there is the option to add a camera you can click that I highly recommend not clicking add a camera ever cameras are a feature where you can add basically a second camera within the UI of youtube that allows people to see a second perspective from maybe your friend or whatever you can name that camera

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