The How to Live Stream with a Video Camera or DSLR


And so the GH five can push out that 4k signal with the full-size HDMI output and the card could also take 4k content and so I’ve already tested it on a day to day basis I’m not really streaming in 4k but that is what’s nice about this is it is ultimately a 4k setup and so that Blackmagic capture card comes in at 190 dollars here in u.s. At the time of making this video it’s been super solid no dependability issues or anything and so if you have a PC and that allows you to put PCI cards in it or PCI Express you know any capture card if it has good reviews should work but in this case, it’s Tv3 Malaysia

The intensity Pro and it’s been working great okay so that brings us to the PC so this is a custom PC build from computer upgrade kings so you can kind of go there you can start with a case and the kind of a baseline of components and add other pieces if you want this is 64 gigabytes of RAM i7 processor with 4 gigahertz speed so it’s a very good computer now this PC itself came in came in around $2,100 here in the US and I actually have a whole video out about it it’s probably a lot cheaper now because it’s maybe six months old but I’ll link that up on the youtube card in

The description below if you want to actually see the details about this PC I also like computer upgrade Kings because you can get some high performance machines for a little bit more of a budget price than you would pay elsewhere and you can do customization to them but that is sort of one of the most important things for live streaming you just want to make sure you have enough processing power you wouldn’t need to like completely obliterate the specs like this is kind of overkill but

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